Network Marketing is my passion because it is THE road to

Financial Freedom & Flexibility.

I am a Professional and a Leader in the MLM industry, providing support

& consultation to home-based business owners

 I work with those who are seeking to become clearer about their goals, better organized, more efficient and better able to stay focused on their chosen path.  I teach others how to be successful in the network marketing business by listening to and understanding people's needs, and then providing value to your target market.  It is thrilling to spend time helping another person get a good grasp of this industry.  For me, it is not whether or not they join my opportunity, it is whether or not they find the success and level of achievement that they are desiring.

Network Marketing is my passion because it is THE road to financial freedom & flexibility. For my family this has nothing to do with material items. We have serious plans to teach our daughter about the world by being citizens of the world. We will build houses in Mexico; Plant trees in Africa; Learn Italian in Rome; Teach English in Brazil. Our path is obvious to us. We'll be on our way shortly with the income from industry. Using the Law of Attraction & Attraction Marketing, we are able to achieve our goals by bringing value to others. We look forward to having you join us on this splendid journey.

Inside this website you will find access to some of the tools that I use to build my organization. I work from an attraction-based marketing position. As a leader in the industry I am often approached by others, tired of alienating their friends or cold calling from lists. Recently I was asked specifically if one can build a network marketing business without doing this. "Of course you can", was my answer. You begin with the basics, understand the alternatives, learn to utilize the tools and get assistance when stuck. Don't know where to begin? Click on the Classic Attraction Marketing tab above and register for Mike Dillard's 7 Day Video Boot Camp. This is your introduction to Attraction Marketing (or magnetic sponsoring in this case). Once you have taken the philosophy to heart, contact me for a complimentary coaching session and we'll get you moving from there.

In Peace and Abundance,
Deborah Tutnauer

PS.  Business Coaching Available