Attracting Your Business To You!

Imagine for a moment how different things would be for you, if instead of going after them, your prospects approached you. They would not only be people truly interested in what you had to say, but they would be people who were likely to trust your advice and directions because they were drawn to you in the first place.

If you have a Network Marketing Business--or a small business of any kind--I am going to show you  how you can attract the right kind of people to you. You will learn how to do this even if you have little or NO prior marketing or internet marketing experience.

Even if you don't have a business yet, you'll know exactly what steps to take to make money with whatever business you decide is right for you. You will learn how to grow your business by attracting interested customers and prospects to you, by providing value to them.

Indeed, the network marketing and home-based business landscape has changed, and for the better.

Popular books with 'attraction marketing' themes like Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring, Building on a Budget and MLM Traffic Formula, as well as Ann Sieg's industry changing e-book, The Renegade Network Marketer, have opened up a new world of possibilities to the modern day home-based entrepreneur.

Network marketers and home based businesses are learning how to operate like true business owners, attracting their prospects rather than chasing them, while generating additional income to offset costs and support themselves along the way, by using funded proposals and support products.

But amidst this growing level of new awareness about 'attraction marketing' there is a need... and it's a big one.

While many people have come to realize what they need to do, they aren't always sure exactly HOW to do it.

* How does a newbie create web content that attracts leads?
* How do you position yourself online so people respect & value your advice & come looking for it 
* How do you get prospects calling you first? What do you say when they call?
* How do you build a lead capture page?
* How do you create a video? Do you need to?
* Do you need a blog if you have a website? Do you have to have a website?
* How can you learn these things quickly & get results without a lot of guesswork?

That's just the beginning of the kinds of things we teach.

We've dedicated our training products to helping network marketers and other small business owners set up their attraction marketing online with our unique visual click-by-click tutorials. These don't just explain what to do but allow the viewer to follow along and literally set up their marketing click by click, while they watch.

We are known best for helping Internet newbies and computer challenged beginners jump in without getting stuck like they might when following a book or the typical training environment.

But we also move beyond the basics to assist the intermediate 'attraction marketer' to increase results or move into new areas of business development, such as creating their first product (if that's a goal of theirs).

Among these more advanced training topics, we help people learn how to generate leads for their entire team (not just themselves), or how to improve their writing with a simple formula anyone with basic English skills can follow. From lead capture page building to attracting people on the telephone, we cover it all, and for a fraction of the cost you'll find elsewhere.

Two of our free training resources, Renegade University and Magnetic Super-Star, provide a thorough introduction to the principles of attraction marketing, while introducing newbies to the famous books of the industry.

Our Professional training (called, "Marketing Merge Professional") provides the click-by-click help newbies need to get thing set up, as well as the more intermediate and advanced classes. This "Professional" level is offered on a subscription basis.

All of these resources provide you with something more than just the training itself... it's also a means of training your team, or assisting your prospects who want to learn similar skills. At the same time, you're able to further monetize your business since you can enter your affiliate links for popular books and other affiliate products inside Renegade University, Magnetic Superstar and the Professional level. While the focus is on the training, this additional feature helps newbies create some cash-flow while they assist others in learning attraction marketing as well.

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Marketing Merge, Inc. provides cutting-edge resources to network marketers. It is for those who are looking for better ways to generate leads while increasing cash-flow, or who are looking for a network marketing training program for their teams.

Marketing Merge, Inc. is the parent company for Renegade University and was founded by Mike Klingler. As the Internet and network marketing merge, there is an unprecedented opportunity for business owners to drastically improve the way they grow their business.

The Concept behind Marketing Merge

Mike Klingler saw the potential for network marketers to use the Internet to promote their businesses. He also saw that most people were using the Internet in ways that were less than effective.

It's not enough to slap up a sales page if you have not yet shown your visitors how and why your product will solve a specific problem they are facing.

It's not enough to rely on your network marketing company's replicated website because all of the other distributors in your company have the same site. What is it that will bring visitors to your site specifically?

Marketing Merge will give you the information, tools and resources so that you can harness the full power of the Internet to promote your network marketing business.

What Marketing Merge Provides

On the Marketing Merge site, you will find articles loaded with useful information whether you are researching business opportunities, reviewing network marketing authors and coaches, looking for network marketing tips and how-tos, or how to effectively use affiliate marketing to generate extra income. Here is a partial list of the information you will find:

* tips for internet network marketing success
* reviews of industry books and training programs
* reviews of network marketing companies
* network marketing basics including the way the business model works
* discussions on current industry news items
* examinations of different approaches to network marketing and the pros and cons for each
* introduction to attraction marketing, what it is, what it does and how to apply it
* do's and don'ts for network marketing on social sites
* network marketing tools and resources
* article marketing
* lead generation strategies
* affiliate marketing and how to generate extra income for your network marketing business

In addition to the articles found at the Marketing Merge website, Marketing Merge also offers hands on training. The video tutorials go through each click of the mouse with you so that even computer novices can easily and quickly begin using the Internet to generate leads for their business.

The tutorials will guide you and teach you what, where, when and how to place content on the net in such a way that will bring customers and potential team members to your network marketing business. You will be taught how to avoid the mistakes many beginners make so that your efforts will go to work for you from the start.

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The Information on this page is taken from the Marketing Merge homepage, created by a colleague of mine,  Mike Klingler. As there is no better training tutorials in the industry, I have provided this information in it's entirety (with minor changes)  as an introduction to this amazing University, so that you can easily see the benefits of becoming a student of ours.